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Your gateway to the world

We have a passionate and devoted  people who put their hearts and minds to achieve the best results for their clients.


We are committed to performing with integrity and according to local and international laws and regulations.

AZ-Pharma, we make the difference

AZ-Pharma is a full service company committed

to building value for its partners



 A-Z Pharma brings in the process quality personnel not only familiar with international markets, but with also strong industry and consulting capabilities who will provide advice on how to address product delivery issues from start to end. 

Among the services we can provide are help to meet quality requirements for specific target markets, advice to start production for international or Canadian market, support to meet local regulatory and legal requirements, and defining the most appropriate commercial material for the targeted markets. 

Our team brings extensive experience with pharmaceutical and medical device development and sales, finance, project management, and legal assistance.  

By carefully selecting quality suppliers, by matching them with local companies and distributors, and by providing tight monitoring of the delivery process, A-Z Pharma creates win-win situations, fostering long term relationship between companies that are looking for steady growth.  


 We are looking forward to helping you bring your product to market.

All inquiries are held in strict confidence.